Definition of a Technical Project for the Development of Mineral Fields

1) Technical project

Before proceeding with the extraction of minerals and their primary processing, it is necessary to carry out a number of works, including the preparation, approval and approval of project documentation, based on relevant legislation. In order to obtain a license for the right to use subsoil, the enterprise must determine the geological allotment area within the preliminary boundaries, which will be agreed with the state authorities. After the license is obtained, it is necessary to conduct exploration and state examination of mineral reserves. Then follows the preparation of a technical project for the development and reclamation of the area of ​​the field, passing all examinations and approvals.

A project for the development of mineral deposits is a compiled plan of the entire process, the purpose of which is to develop the required documents for the work and operation of a mineral extraction enterprise.

The design tasks are as follows:

substantiation of the necessary solutions for the development of mineral deposits from the technical side, cost-effective, safe and environmentally acceptable production. the use in all project decisions of new achievements in the field of science, engineering and technology.

A detailed feasibility study for the project involves calculating the parameters of mineral reserves, as well as evaluating the cost-effectiveness of exploring the field. A feasibility study is a document that displays all the information about the feasibility of researching a deposit industrially, as well as an analysis of investment investments and future results that are associated with the study of the deposit, which provides investors with the opportunity to determine the prospects for investing in the study of the proposed deposit. With the help of a feasibility study, a project for a possible development of a field is preliminary justified.

The feasibility study covers the following aspects:

It reveals the technical, technological, economic, environmental feasibility of field research. It determines the possible sales and purchase markets. It justifies the choice of the location of the mining enterprise, the required material, labor, financial resources, as well as possible results.

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