Kazakhstan Mining Industry

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The scientific and technical policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the present stage is focused on the concentration of resources in priority areas of economic development, determined by priority state scientific and technical programs. Their implementation is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the economic potential, overcoming the raw material orientation of industry, enhancing the country’s export expansion and strengthening its position in the foreign market, developing import-substituting industries based on vigorous innovative activity, raising the technical level of production, forming completed technological cycles with the release of finished products. The strategic objectives for the next decade provide for the maximum use of the traditional advantages of Kazakhstan, which include the development of mineral resources.

Kazakhstan has commercial reserves of 3 ferrous metals, 29 non-ferrous, 2 precious, 84 types of industrial minerals, as well as energy carriers. It should be noted that in the world the attitude to the raw material component of the national economy is not negative. This is clearly seen from the fact that out of the 200 largest world companies 90 belong to the raw materials sector, they account for more than 80% of the total sales volume of manufactured products. The largest countries in the world, among the leaders in global mineral producers, are the USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada, China and Russia. A high level of economic development in most of these commodity countries was achieved through the intensification of the extraction and processing of their own natural resources (Canada, Australia).

Kazakhstan is the world’s largest producer of beryllium (1-4 places), niobium, gallium, technical thallium, titanium sponge (3 place), rhenium (1-5 place), uranium (7 place), coal and silver (9 place), zinc and alumina (10th place). We have concentrated 45% of the confirmed uranium reserves of the former USSR. In terms of tantalum reserves, the niobium republic ranks 1st among the CIS countries.

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