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Maxim Kalashnikova IN ECONOMY – BAD

I turn off the radio when I hear that someone on the fields of the G-20 talked to Obama or said something about Syria. This is for me to one place, I am worried about the situation in the Russian economy. But it is getting worse, and the senseless war in Syria doesn’t change the situation. Contrary to agitprop, the Kremlin here is shamelessly failing. I perceive the searches in the Renova oligarch Vekselberg with grim satisfaction. As Maxim Kalashnikov predicted even in his books, a decrease in the feeding trough (a drop in oil revenues) leads to the fact that the Racean “elite” begins to gnaw at each other. The trough has become smaller – it’s time for piglets to start eating one by one. The more of this, the closer the finale. I do not intend to sympathize with the Bill of Exchange Mountain, as you know. Wait – they’ll take over Sechin now.


I see how hard the Ministry of Finance is working to ensure that the power of GDP falls due to the economic crisis. Otherwise, I can not interpret the initiative of this department, which plays a key role in undermining the regime. After all, the Ministry of Finance proposed to raise a number of taxes for patching holes in the budget: mineral extraction (MET), VAT, personal income tax, and income tax. Ah, yes – also the excise tax on soft drinks (soda with sugar) must be introduced. The logic of the MoF is amazing: if enterprises have accumulated 12 trillion. on bank accounts and do not invest them in production, it is necessary to take this money by raising taxes. That is, do not reduce interest on loans to the real sector, do not introduce income tax benefits when it is invested in the development of enterprises, do not issue infrastructural government bonds with a guaranteed coupon income of 10% per annum, do not use emission incentives, but stupidly raise taxes. possible anti-crisis actions:

The Ministry of Finance wants to do the opposite.

***Where it leads? Raising taxes now is that your torpedo is aboard the already sinking, banked ship of the Russian economy. This is the ruin of manufacturing and science-intensive enterprises. This is the “economy”, which will consist only of oil and gas companies, retail chains such as Auchan and banks. Everything else will simply not be. But there will be millions of unemployed and a further drop in budget revenues. And no “young, but mature person” will save the situation. Neither Dyumin, nor other “ordinaries on the governorship.” The option with Kiriyenko-2 will no longer pass.

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