Mineral Resource Development Methods

M-46-V. Useful map

DEVELOPMENT OF MINERAL DEPOSITS DEPOSITS – a complex of interconnected mining processes for the extraction of minerals from the bowels of the earth.

There are 4 main ways to develop deposits:

mine – using the underground mining system) –

quarry (open) – using the system of open mining –

downhole – using a system of production boreholes –

marine associated with work below sea level.

Mine and quarry methods are used for the extraction of solid minerals, the downhole method, for liquid and gaseous minerals.

The main goal of field development is to provide raw materials for industrial production.

The concept has expanded over several millennia. This was due to the improvement of tools and mining technologies, an increase in the number of types of minerals extracted from the bowels of the Earth. Fundamental innovations corresponded to each stage of the evolution of mining technology.

In the Stone Age, along with surface workings such as pits, trenches, underground mines appeared, opened by adits, vertical, inclined trunks and a combination of these workings. The development using cameras, exploration workings, the fire method of conducting work in opencast mining, and possibly in underground conditions, the wedge method of work, drainage, laying workings with waste rock, vaulted roofing and maintaining the roof on pillars, ventilation due to natural draft begins to be applied .

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