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The Luxembourg government and Deep Space Industries (DSI) have agreed to develop and launch a spacecraft to test the possibility of mining in low Earth orbit.

The company Deep Space Industries, specializing in the industrial development of asteroids, has signed a contract with the government of Luxembourg to develop and launch a spacecraft designed to develop mining technologies from asteroids. Luxembourg became the first European country interested in mining in space.

DSI has a good portfolio in space exploration and has previously collaborated with NASA. Now she plans to open a new research center in Luxembourg, where the new small spacecraft Prospector-X will be built and tested, which will test vital technologies for prospective mining on near-Earth asteroids.

Previously, Deep Space Industries has already developed the DragonFly spacecraft, which is supposed to be launched into space in 2018. Its main task will be the delivery of a 150-pound asteroid into low Earth orbit, where it is then planned to divide it into parts and deliver it to Earth.

Asteroids are small celestial bodies of the solar system, their main cluster is between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids have ice and rare metals that Deep Space Industries plans to mine.

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