Mining Equipment Plants in Russia

Bakal Mining Plant
The account of the Darasun mining equipment plant was arrested for debts of 16 million rubles. Business and economy Karymsky district The tax service for the debts of almost 16 million rubles was arrested by the city-forming enterprise of the village of Darasun, Karymsky district, Trans-Baikal Territory – Darasunsky mining equipment plant OJSC – bailiffs seized part of the equipment for assessment, a Chita.Ru correspondent was informed on December 22 by a spokesman for the UFSSP of Russia in the region.

“The account was arrested by the tax service for tax debts of almost 5 million rubles. In addition, the company has enough debts, the total amount is about 16 million rubles. We have already seized part of the equipment for the assessment, with which difficulties arose due to its uniqueness, the press service said.

The chief accountant of the enterprise, Nadezhda Ulyanova, confirmed the complexity of the situation at the plant: “The enterprise has a difficult situation, as our partners have reduced the volume of purchases of equipment.”

In addition, the regional labor inspectorate on December 22 reported that after its intervention, wage arrears for August-September were paid to 320 employees for a total amount of over 6.3 million rubles. At the same time, the plant will be fined for delayed payments.

According to the Encyclopedia of Transbaikalia, the mining equipment factory has been operating since February 1951. At first it was called the Ulzutuyev Mechanical Repair Plant and produced sedimentary machines, scraper belt conveyors, cargo crates and trolleys, and in 1957 it was renamed the Darasunsky mining equipment plant. In the best of times, the plant’s products were exported to more than 20 countries. At the moment, the general director of the plant is the deputy of the legislative assembly of the region Sergey Belonogov. Darasunsky plant of mining equipment

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