Mining Equipment St. Petersburg

IZ-KARTEX formed on

Avtokomplekt LLC, St. Petersburg – development, testing and certification of silencers for the production of internal combustion engines.

State institution “Directorate for the construction of a transport bypass of the city of St. Petersburg” – the development of an integrated acoustic protection system for ring road, assessment of noise from ring road affecting residential development, mapping noise.

Lenmorniiproekt, St. Petersburg – assessment of noise affecting residential development during the construction of ports.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation – assessment of noise affecting residential development during the construction of roads, development of test methods for acoustic screens.

Department of State Control and Prospective Nature Management and Environmental Protection of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia in the North-West Federal District

Legislative Assembly of the SBB (ZAKS) – Draft Law “On the reduction of noise affecting the population of St. Petersburg”

Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision, St. Petersburg

State Committee for Environmental Protection of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region

Rocket and Space Corporation “Energy” named after S.P. Koroleva ”, Moscow – noise reduction assessment in the inhabited compartment of the International Space Station (ISS) .- noise reduction of rocket engine test benches.

Caterpillar, USA – calculation of expected noise in the design of construction vehicles, separation of the contribution of sources to noise generation processes, development of noise reduction tools.

Transbarrier LLC, Moscow – development of calculation methods and assessment of the effectiveness of acoustic screens

OMZ-Mining Equipment and Technologies LLC, St. Petersburg – assessment of vibration-acoustic characteristics of mining equipment, development of methods and systems for noise and vibration protection

Production Association Kirovsky Zavod, St. Petersburg – development of noise protection for industrial tractors

Mostotryad 19 LLC, St. Petersburg – development of recommendations for the selection and installation of acoustic screens to reduce noise from roads.

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