Mining Kazakhstan


One of the main treasures of Kazakhstan is its minerals. According to scientists from leading countries of the world, Kazakhstan ranks sixth in the world in reserves of natural resources, although it still cannot use this advantage with the greatest effect for itself. According to some scientists, the explored bowels of Kazakhstan are estimated at about 10 trillion US dollars.

Kazakhstan has rich natural resources, as evidenced by the fact that out of 110 elements of the periodic table, 99 were discovered in its bowels, 70 explored, but so far 60 elements have been extracted and used. According to Dr. Daniel Fain, a specialist in natural resources and energy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), in the year of the collapse of the USSR (1991) 90% of chromium ore, 26% of copper, 33% of lead and zinc, 38% of tungsten, which were located in that year, the former USSR ended up in Kazakhstan. It should be added that in the former USSR, our republic accounted for barite reserves – 82%, phosphorites – 65%, molybdenum – 29%, bauxite – 22%, asbestos – 20%, manganese – 13%, coal – 12%, etc. .d. Kazakhstan is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of oil, gas, titanium, magnesium, tin, uranium, gold and other non-ferrous metals. On a global scale, Kazakhstan is already the largest producer of tungsten, and by its reserves it occupies the first place in the world, the second – by reserves of chromium and phosphorus ores, the fourth – by lead and molybdenum, the eighth – by the total reserves of iron ore (16.6 billion tons) after Brazil, Australia, Canada, USA, India, Russia and Ukraine.

Today it is no secret to anyone that the United States and countries of Western Europe, as well as Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Japan and China are showing increased interest in Kazakhstan. This is primarily due to the high potential of the republic in strategic raw materials, primarily oil and gas.

Today in Kazakhstan there are 14 promising basins located practically throughout its territory, where so far only 160 oil and gas fields have been explored, and recoverable oil reserves amount to 2.7 billion tons. However, not all of these deposits, not to mention entire basins, are exploited, and if they were skillfully used and exploited, Kazakhstan would not be inferior in its oil potential to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.

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