NPC Mining Equipment Technology

Patented Engineering. A wide range of spare parts for oil drilling and mining equipment. Industrial safety examination. Non-destructive testing laboratory. Energy audit. Modern production technologies. International quality control standards.

General Director Pudov Sergey Vladimirovich

LLC NPTs Metallurg was founded on June 28, 1990 and since then, unlike most Russian medium-sized enterprises, it has not changed its name, direction, or CEO. The main factors of such a long-term success of the company, we consider a gradual development strategy and a team of professionals of the highest level.

At present, Metallurg has become a group of three companies complementing each other: LLC SPC Metallurg specializes in the development of technical solutions and design documentation –

LLC “ULK-MASHSERVICE” – conducts an industrial safety review of both developed projects and equipment in operation –

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