Tungsten Industry

Tungsten wire

TUNGSTEN INDUSTRY (a. Tungsten industry- n. Wolframindustrie- f. Industrie de tungstene, industrie tungstique- and. Industrie del tungsteno) is a non-ferrous metallurgy industry uniting tungsten ore mining and processing enterprises and producing tungsten. The main types of tungsten products are metal and cast carbides, tungsten powders, chemical compounds. Tungsten was first used in Russia in the form of additives for steels at the Motovilikhinsky plant in 1865, at the Putilovsky and Izhora plants in 1896. For the first time, the Russian inventor A. N. Ladygin used tungsten for electric lamps in 1900. From the beginning of the 20th century. tungsten mining began to expand rapidly due to its use for the production of high-speed steel and incandescent lamps.

Starting in 1911, from 17 to 100 tons of concentrate per year were produced in Russia. Extraction was conducted in small deposits of the Urals and eastern Transbaikalia. The formation of the raw material base of the tungsten industry began in the 1930s, when mining enterprises were created in the Urals (Boyevskoye, Yugo-Konevskoye, Buranovskoye, etc.), in Central Asia (Lyangarskoye), and eastern Transbaikalia (Sherlovogorskoye, etc.), and deposits of molybdenite-scheelite ores of Tyrnyauz in the North Caucasus and tungsten ores of Holtoson in Western Transbaikalia were commissioned by 1940. Since the 50s. explored and developed tungsten deposits in Kazakhstan (Karaoba, Akchatau), Central Asia (Chorukh-Dayron, Ingichke), in the Far East (Iultin). By the 80s The resource base of the tungsten industry in CCCP is made up of several dozen primary deposits, which are divided into three industrial types: quartz-tungsten veins and vein zones (5% of all-Union reserves) – stratiform, vein-like and irregularly shaped deposits of skarn-scheelite and greisen-tungsten ores (30 %) – stockworks and vein stockwork areas (65%). Of the total reserves, 80% is associated with the scheelite type of ores. The most famous enterprises are the Tyrnyauz Mining and Metallurgical Combine (Kabardino-Balkan ACCP), Dzhidinsky GOK (Buryat ACCP), Primorsky GOK and Iultinsky GOK (RSFSR).

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