Virgo Bakal Mining Equipment Plant

Steel Tension Axle Bush

Bakalsky Mining Equipment Plant – Virgo restructures its marketing department and invites established companies to become a BZGO dealer for spare parts for mining ECG excavators and crushers.

Becoming a factory dealer you will receive a lot of competitive advantages:

Personal Discount on all products — Priority execution of dealer orders — Reservation of goods for dealer orders — Securing the territory and / or customers for the dealer — Advertising support for the dealer — Merchandise lending to the dealer — Guaranteeing the dealer minimum sales volumes (rubles / month) – Planning for the dealer’s needs for subsequent periods.

After creating a dealer network, preferences for other market participants will be unavailable.

Entry into the dealer network of the BZGO-Virgo mining equipment plant will give sustainable prospects for the development of your business for many years to come.

– Set of statutory documents

– An application in free form with the designation of the proposed regions, volumes.

– Description of the business with a designation of the history of the business, structure of the enterprise, sales by group over the past 2 years.

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