Buy mining equipment


We will buy in Russia and Ukraine: the pump UNR-02 (UNI-01), the pusher TEG-600, TEG-300, TGM-4.1. Pump installation UNR-02 (UNI-01) .2. Pusher electro-hydraulic TEG-600A3. Pusher electro-hydraulic TEG-300A4. Coupling SNV-250M BB, SNV-250M BP, SNV-250M L5. DKS6 speed control sensor. Mining automation starter PRA7. Pusher hydraulic motor TGM-1, TGM-2, TGM-3, TGM-4, TGM-68. Motor screw drive PVM.1M 600×400, PVM.1M 200X350. Price depending on condition. 9. Blocks for PMVIR-41 starter: BRU-2S, BRU-2SR, BUR.10. Blocks for starting equipment: PMZ, BKI, etc. 11. Contactors vacuum KM17R33, KM17R35, KM17R3712. Post subscriber KUZ-01, KUZ-02 Consider your suggestions for another GSHO. Send suggestions to our email unr02 @ address and we will contact you!

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