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The mining industry is characterized by an increased degree of danger of carrying out any work, therefore, special safety requirements are imposed here. However, the use of geomembrane in the mining industry allows us to solve many problems presented by this area to the materials used.

What is the reason for the popularity of geomaterials in the mining industry?

Most of the work carried out in the mining industry is carried out in places with difficult access, they are characterized by high or low humidity, a large temperature range, various soils, conditions, etc. The use of geogrid or geotextile in the mining industry is justified by the fact that this material has excellent performance characteristics and has virtually no restrictions on use. In addition, the price of a geomembrane will delight any buyer, as it is distinguished by its availability.

Geomembrane Benefits

The use of geomembrane in the mining industry is justified by the following advantages of this material:

Excellent resistance to various chemical compositions and reagents – High degree of tensile resistance – Non-shrinkability – Elongation possibility – Flexibility – Tensile resistance – Resistance to damage – Resistance to cracking.

If you decide to buy a geomembrane or other geosynthetic products from our company, then you can be sure that it will not be afraid of direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation, these products will be distinguished by their seismic stability, in addition, temperature differences will not do any harm to it. If the installation of the geomembrane is done correctly, then the duration of its operational life can reach 120 years.

Why is geomembrane used in mining?

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