Mineral Field Studies


These Requirements were developed by the USSR State Committee for Civil Protection with the participation of the USSR Mingyo, Mingeo of the RSFSR, USSR Ministry of Color, USSR Ministry of Industry, Mingazprom, Minnefteprom, USSR Ministry of Coal Industry, USSR Ministry of Construction Materials, Mineral Fertilizers and USSR Gosgortekhnadzor.

The Requirements reflect the provisions of the “Fundamentals of the legislation of the USSR and the Union republics on subsurface resources” and other legislative acts in the field of the rational use of subsurface resources and the environment, classifications of field reserves and forecast resources of solid minerals, oil and combustible gases, and groundwater production reserves. In developing the Requirements, the domestic experience of exploration and evaluation of mineral deposits and the integrated use of mineral raw materials was taken into account.

The requirements are mandatory for all enterprises and organizations engaged in exploration, design and construction of enterprises for mining and processing mineral resources, as well as the development of deposits, regardless of their departmental subordination.

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