Mining and Metallurgical Industry

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The metallurgical industry of the Kemerovo region, along with the coal industry, is the basic industry of the Kuzbass economy, it accounts for more than 40% of the manufacturing industrial area. The number of employees in the industry is more than 35 thousand people. The average salary in the industry is about 35 thousand rubles.

The enterprises of the region’s mining and metallurgical industry are part of large multinational companies: Evraz Group S.A., the United Company Russian Aluminum, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, the Siberian Mining and Metallurgical Company, and the Industrial and Metallurgical Management Company holding “. All companies are integrated into the global metal market.

Despite significant financial difficulties, over the past 17 years, the metallurgical industry of Kuzbass has been significantly modernized. About 67 billion rubles were invested in the reconstruction of enterprises.

Particularly significant projects in 2013-2014. steel:

– reconstruction of the rail and beam workshop, which allowed OJSC EVRAZ ZSMK to become the country’s first producer of differentially quenched railway rails up to 100 meters long –

– the construction of a pulverized coal injection plant in the blast furnaces of EVRAZ ZSMK OJSC, which, as a result of lower costs from saving coke and natural gas, will reduce the cost of pig iron and, as a result, increase the competitiveness of steel produced and, most importantly, will improve the environmental situation in Novokuznetsk.

The total investment in the metallurgical industry for 9 months of 2015 will amount to more than 2.7 billion rubles. The main investment projects implemented by the industry in 2015:

– reconstruction of high-quality continuous casting machine (continuous casting machine) at EVRAZ ZSMK OJSC –

– construction of a condensation-type power plant at Coke OJSC –

– Evrazruda OJSC is in the process of completing an investment project to increase the capacity of the Gorno-Shorsky branch of Evrazruda OJSC.

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