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Chief Technologist, LLC SPb-Giproshakht, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Researcher, Mining Institute, Kola Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D.


A radical way to increase the efficiency of open pit mining of mineral deposits is the formation of the structural elements of the quarry (sides, ledges, slopes, berms) on its final circuit with limit parameters according to geomechanical and technological criteria. An innovative solution in this area is the introduction of engineering and technical means of slope protection on the basis of reinforcing materials or catching structures, the use of which only with a correct understanding of the basis of the problem will increase the safety and efficiency of open development.

A quarry is a combination of opencast mines formed in the process of mining minerals and building materials in an open way, as well as in the specialized construction of industrial and civil facilities on the surface of the earth’s crust. Open-cast mining accounts for more than 70% of the total mineral production in the mineral resource sector of industry. The depth of a number of existing quarries is 400–800 m, unique examples of reaching opencast mining depths of 1–1, 2 km are also known.

For non-specialists to understand what a quarry is, its three-dimensional model with the designation of the main structural elements is given.

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