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The 90th anniversary of the dragee fleet was celebrated in Aldan district

On August 27, the Aldan residents celebrated the 90th anniversary of the district-forming industry – the dragee fleet, without which it would be impossible to imagine Golden Aldan with folk festivals and a concert in the club of the village of Leninsky.

At the solemn part of the holiday, the history of the formation of the dragee fleet was recalled: from the first, candlelit mines and wooden wheelbarrows on wooden wheels to powerful modern equipment, first steam and then electric drags. And of course people whose heroic labor flourished dragee industry. Demonstrated footage of preserved newsreels. The first persons of the republic and the region presented awards, congratulated veterans of the dragee fleet and all those present on the holiday.

The first to congratulate fellow countrymen on the stage was the deputy chairman of the State Assembly, Il Tumen, Olga Balabkina.

“Dear fellow countrymen! For the first time in my life I want to talk not about strategic development, but about the soul. Let me congratulate you on the holiday in which you invested this soul! Everyone! Thank you for the work thanks to which the village lives and develops, for the work that forged gold – the foundation of our state, ”said the vice speaker.

Olga Valeryevna handed thanks to Chairman Il Tumen for the contribution to the development of the mining industry of the republic to veterans of the dragee fleet.

“This holiday contains the whole history of the country, the Great October Revolution, the 100th anniversary of which will be celebrated next year, it is part of the tremendous work that has been done to create our state. First of all, we express our gratitude to all the generations that created the monetary fund of our country, ”said Victor Gubarev, head of the Yakut Republican regional branch of the Communist Party political party.

From the first days of the discovery, Aldan began to be called the “Russian Klondike”, comparing its golden wealth with the richest deposits of the world. However, the gold of mine fields and dragee ranges of Leninsky was never easy. Yakut frosts, permafrost, interruptions in supply – everything was overcome by courage, stamina and energy of gold miners. The main wealth of the mines was and remains people.

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