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The magazine is published by the leading research institute of the gold mining industry of Russia – OJSC Irgiredmet. The purpose of the publication is the dissemination of scientific and technical information useful to industry enterprises. This direction of work is traditional for Irgiredmet, who performed the role of the leading research institute of the gold mining industry in the USSR. In 1966, an industry department of scientific and technical information (ONTI) was created in Irgiredmet. The department collected information useful for the gold mining industry and distributed it to enterprises by subscription.

Currently, information collection work is ongoing:

● Specialists of the department constantly look at Russian technical journals (19 items), collections of reports made at scientific conferences.

● The translator of the department constantly reviews foreign sources of information and prepares the most interesting articles for the magazine.

● From the catalogs of exhibitions on mining and processing, which are visited by specialists of Irgiredmet, we choose companies offering new equipment.

● In the Irgiredmet library, founded in 1871, we find information from the history of Russian gold mining, articles about interesting devices and methods that were used before and, possibly, can be useful at the present time.

● The patent department of Irgiredmet provides us with information about inventions for the mining industry.

● Based on monitoring of news sites on the Internet, a monthly review of the most important events in Russia and abroad is compiled.

We write about everything new, interesting, and practically significant in the journal Zolotodobycha. On its pages you will find information about the technologies for the extraction of alluvial and ore gold, about equipment suppliers: laboratory, mining, mineral processing, for ZPK, ZIF, SCO, etc.

The magazine reaches all corners of Russia. It can be read where there is no internet. By subscribing to the magazine, you will always be up to date with new events, technologies, equipment.

A5 ++ magazine format, 76-84 pages, monthly issue, circulation 999 copies. The magazine does not enter free sale and is sent at the request of enterprises.

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