Mining Equipment Production

Mining production

Initially, specialized engineering was formed in the region; the peculiarity is that about a third of the output is produced for coal mining enterprises (mining equipment, transport, hoisting and transport). Also, most of the equipment is manufactured for the needs of metallurgical industries.

There are more than 100 machine-building enterprises in the region, of which 48 are classified as large and medium-sized, which are concentrated in the following territories – this is Kemerovo (16), Novokuznetsk (10), Yurga (8), Prokopyevsk ( 8), the city of Leninsk – Kuznetsk (4) [4].

The leading engineering enterprises are: Yurginsky Machine-Building Plant LLC, Anzheromash OJSC, Kemerovo Mechanical Plant OJSC, NPO Razvitie LLC (Prokopyevsk), Novokuznetsk Car-Building Plant OJSC, Kuzbasselektromotor LLC LLC (Kemerovo), KVSK – a branch of OJSC Altayvagon (Kemerovo), OJSC Mashzavod im. Chernykh (Kiselevsk), LLC PO Gormash (Kiselevsk), LLC Elektroprom (Prokopyevsk), LLC Podzemtransmash, OJSC NPP Kuzbassradio (Belovo). Most enterprises are part of mining holdings.

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