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Since 1992, the Yurginsky Machine-Building Plant, working for the country’s fuel and energy complex, has become the center of coal engineering in Kuzbass and one of the leading manufacturers of mining equipment in Russia. Since 2006 the plant switched to the production of world-class mining equipment. In 2007 The capabilities of the Czech producer GShO T Macshinery a.s., and in 2008, were added to the powerful production potential of the plant. – German Esser Saar Machinery GmbH, our strategic partners.

Today, in addition to equipment that has already proven itself in the mines of Russia and the CIS countries, we present a number of new mining equipment. Possessing all the properties of foreign analogues, Yurgin developments give consumers a number of significant advantages – lower operating costs, increased productivity, and ease of service.

Today, coal production is growing steadily in Russia and abroad. Together with them, the requirements of miners for mining equipment are growing. Yurginsky Machine-Building Plant offers miners equipment that fully meets the requirements of today, and is actively working for the future. In our quest for excellence, we see the key to success not only in Yurmash, but also in all our partners – present and future.

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