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MOSCOW, July 4 – RIA Novosti / Prime. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a federal law that allows state-owned companies to extract associated minerals in a simplified manner at the same time as the extraction of primary minerals. The document was published on the official legal information portal on Monday.

Earlier, the director of the relevant department of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, Alexei Oryol, explained that this would allow companies to legally extract commercial components for commercial use, which are extracted for technological reasons together with the main mineral resources, or are identified during exploration and operation.

He drew attention to the fact that the inability to extract minerals creates an “absurd situation”, for example, when a user who has a license for the extraction of alluvial diamonds, simultaneously with the extraction of diamonds, extracts gold from the sands. But since the possibility of gold mining is not recorded in the license, this gold is stored and in fact a situation is created when gold goes into industrial waste.

According to the law, the extraction of associated minerals (with the exception of associated waters, hydrocarbons and common minerals) that are not specified in the licenses is allowed by subsoil users – legal entities, in the authorized capital of which the share of participation of the Russian Federation, the region collectively exceeds 50%, as well as “daughters” such legal entities. But for this, you will need to obtain a state expert opinion on mineral reserves and amend the license.

The license for the use of subsoil and its components will have to contain an agreed level of extraction of minerals and associated minerals (if any), as well as an indication of the owner of the extracted raw materials, including associated material, if any.

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