Mining Machines and Equipment Specialty

Deputy Chief Engineer

The specialty “Mining machines and equipment” is being implemented as part of the training direction for the graduate specialist “Technological machines and equipment”. Qualification of a graduate – mining engineer. The standard period for mastering the basic educational programs for training a mining engineer as part of the direction of training a graduate specialist in full-time education is 5 years. The objects of professional activity of a mining engineer are: coal and mining enterprises for underground and open-cast mining, mining engineering plants, research and design organizations – higher and secondary special educational institutions. Mining is associated with the exploitation of mining and road harvesters, drilling and tunneling machines, electric locomotives, scraper and belt conveyors, compressors, pumps, fans, underground machines. In open-pit mining, powerful excavators, machine tools for drilling wells, railway, conveyor and road vehicles are used. Modern mining machines and automated complexes perform all the basic operations of breaking and transporting minerals.

Universities in the regions in this specialty ** The number of universities, academies and institutes in the region with the specialty “Mining machines and equipment” is shown in parentheses

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