Mining Mining Equipment

ยง 81. Fitter for maintenance and repair of equipment of the 3rd category

Description of work. Installation, dismantling, repair, testing and maintenance of the mechanical part of simple machines, components and mechanisms, switchgears. Electric-gas welding work in the repair and manufacture of fences, covers for serviced machines and mechanisms. Coloring, inscription, lubrication of serviced equipment. Oil sampling and its replacement. Dismantling, assembling, flushing, testing, lubricating, receiving, dispensing, preventive maintenance of a pneumatic tool. Performing rigging and slinging. Plumbing and manufacturing of simple parts according to 12 – 13th qualifications.

Must know: purpose, technical characteristics of serviced machines, mechanisms, norms and volumes of their maintenance, foundations of plumbing and installation, simple kinematic diagrams of machines, technical requirements for operation of serviced machines, mechanisms, methods and techniques for processing metals and parts, order installation of simple metal structures and mechanisms – the purpose and rules for using the applied instrumentation and tools – the rules for the implementation of rigging and sling GOVERNMENTAL rabot- name and location of the mining and rules on movement nim- systems and rule action of light, sound and aromatic signaling tsehe- admission rules and provide audible and visible signalov- rules birochnoy system.

Work examples.

1. Steam-water valves – stuffing box packing – replacement of bushings, o-rings – tightening of connecting bolts on flanges and joints.

2. Mine trolleys and for delivering people to mine workings – replacing ramps, bearings, couplings, buffers – dressing bodies.

3. Valves of all diameters – grinding the valves.

4. Fans – repair and installation.

5. Inserts – fitting and filing in parallel.

6. Screens – replacement of screens.

7. Crushers, tippers (in underground conditions) – current repair and maintenance.

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