Mining Plants

Machines include Cement Klin

Patriots tend to hate the United States, Obama personally, and a few other people shown to them on TV. They believe that the Americans are sleeping and see how to ruin and bring to their knees great Russia. But let’s all together, without looking at the opinions of various “experts”, just with facts on hand we will see why most Russians hate America and believe that Americans hate us accordingly.

So first, what did the United States do good for the USSR, and then for Russia?

I will give examples that do not need proofs. 1. Famine in the 20s. The Americans, along with other Western countries, essentially saved the then young republic from starvation. Details will take up too much space, but all information is freely available. Interestingly, immediately after the victory over the famine, a mass propaganda war began against Western countries. 2. From the 30s to the 40s, the Americans built us from scratch the chemical, aviation, electrical, oil, mining, coal and metallurgical industries. And about 1,500 plants. Not naturally free, but they like us hate and want to ruin us, do not forget about it! At the same time, they trained and trained about 300,000 engineers. It is also not clear why. 3. Lend-Lease. Few people know, but the first Lend-Lease deliveries were on June 22, 1941. The so-called “pre-lend-lease”. The main deliveries under the first protocol began on October 1. A total of 10.8 billion dollars worth of equipment, food, and weapons were supplied in 2008 prices. According to the Lend-Lease Act, only equipment that survived the war was payable. And during the negotiations between the USSR and the USA, it was decided to dwell on the figure of 1.3 billion dollars. That is, the vile Americans, for free, gave us $ 9.5 billion worth of equipment and weapons. BUT. Ours, as usual, later changed their minds and said that they would give back only 170 million. Bidding went on like in the eastern bazaar and finally in 1990 (!), The Americans gave up (or ours won! Wow! Hurray!) And agreed to the amount of 674 million. As a result, Russia paid off for Lend-Lease in 2006.

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