Mining Rights

search and extraction of useful

A revised document has been prepared with amendments that have not entered into force.

February 21, 1992 N 2395-1



About the bowels

(see Summary of Changes to This Document)

The bowels are part of the earth’s crust, located below the soil layer, and in its absence, below the earth’s surface and the bottom of water bodies and streams, extending to the depths available for geological exploration and development.

This Law regulates relations arising in the field of geological study, use and protection of subsoil, use of waste products from minerals and related processing industries, specific mineral resources (brines of estuaries and lakes, peat, sapropel and others), groundwater, including associated waters (water extracted from the subsoil along with hydrocarbon raw materials), and water used by users of the subsoil for their own production and technological needs.

N 205-FZ)

(see text in previous edition)

This Law contains the legal and economic foundations for the integrated rational use and protection of mineral resources, and protects the interests of the state and citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as the rights of users of mineral resources.

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