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Ufa Trade and Entertainment Center MIR (in the buildings of the largest garment factory) Ufa Shopping Center IREMEL (in the buildings of the KhBK) Ufa Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the building of the BETO concern This is not only a matter of elections. This probably should have been done a long time ago, but there is no certainty what will turn out and how it will turn out. UNITED RUSSIA proclaims all the time and everywhere that all parties say A WE DO. Let’s see what we are doing. So far, I propose to see only the economy. With statistics in the Russian Federation it’s terrible (and even that word is terrible). There is a rate of closure of enterprises (1, 6 per day), but the process itself cannot be probed. Of course, something is being built (it is claimed that more than is destroyed). A huge request to make a very simple action, in the comments, to name those enterprises in your city, town, village that completely ceased to exist, PHYSICALLY (they were not transformed, but disappeared altogether, although they may exist on paper as legal entities). And name the enterprises that were built. I must say not a very simple thing. This topic is interesting to me, but even in Ufa I can’t imagine the full picture, I don’t know it, it has never been shown to the public. But Ufa is a big city, maybe someone will add, for many, these enterprises are located near their home. We will do a public survey, if you want a national census of what is destroyed and what is acquired. To readers who are not in Russia, but on the territory of the USSR. Please do the same. The picture for your countries is also extremely interesting. It is interesting to compare that in Belarus and Kazakhstan, in Ukraine and in Latvia or Moldova, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. Maybe something will turn out and it will be possible to get at least a high-quality picture. I must start with myself and I bring what I see in Ufa (honestly, I do not see everything). If I make a mistake, please correct me. Disappeared: 1 Concern BETO (huge telephone equipment enterprise) 2 Confectionery factory KONDI3 Cotton Paper Mill4 Tea packing factory5 Mining Equipment Plant

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