New Wear Resistant Steels for Mining

Wear resistant and high strength

Equipment operating in the mining industry often has various adverse effects, leading to its wear and tear – abrasion, impact, deformation, etc.

To overcome this impact, equipment must be made of special material. Such material – high-strength wear-resistant steel of the HARDOX® brand is produced by the Swedish company ssab Oxelosund ab.

SSAB Oxeliisund AB, part of the SSAB Group, is a world leader in the production of hardened and tempered steels. The company supplies such well-known steel sheet grades as HARDOX® and WELDOX® to the global market.

WELDOX® (“Veldoks”) – high-strength structural steel, which allows to create strong and at the same time lightweight supporting structures. WELDOX® steel, in particular, is used for the manufacture of mechanized supports, which, as you know, must have high strength and low thickness of structures to ensure maximum working space in the working face. For the manufacture of these supports, WELDOX® steel with a yield strength of 700-1100 MPa is used.

HARDOX® (“Hardoks”) – a family of brands of superhard steels with high wear resistance, the same throughout the thickness of the sheet. Hardox 400, 450, 500 and 600 are currently being produced. The index shows the Brinell hardness of this grade of steel (HBW).

A characteristic feature of HARDOX® sheet steel is its uniform hardness both on the surface and in the center of the sheet. Exclusive manufacturing technology allows to achieve high hardness with a minimum content of alloying elements in steel. As a result, HARDOX® steel sheets can be easily machined, bent and welded. HARDOX® steels are an ideal material for the manufacture and repair of work units of various mining equipment.

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