Stary Oskol Mining Equipment Repair Plant


Bakal Mining Equipment Plant has the honor to offer you mutually beneficial cooperation in the manufacture and supply of spare parts for the EKG-5 excavator (EKG-4, 6) from the warehouse of finished products and to order. Including: rack-and-pinion gears, drive wheels, axles, gears and gears up to 26 modules, axles, crackers, shafts, sliders, pinion shaft, clips, blocks, bushings, couplings, half couplings, brakes, traction, cylinders, RVD with armature, roller circles, disks, bolts, and also knots assembled – in total more than 120 names. Since 2006, the development of positions on the ECG-8. A large warehouse of finished products, the constant expansion of the list of manufactured products. BZGO has a full cycle of foundry production, which allows to obtain an alloy with high accuracy of the chemical composition of the alloy and homogeneity. In combination with the modern method of casting according to gasified models, this can significantly improve the quality of the metal, stabilize and improve the appearance and geometry of the castings. Mechanical assembly production is fully equipped with all necessary equipment for finishing the vast majority of spare parts for excavators. The large production potential allows the manufacture of shafts with a diameter of up to 1000 mm, a length of up to 4000 mm. The equipment allows to process forgings and castings of wheels with a diameter of up to 3500 mm. Gear hobbing machines allow you to cut modules from 0, 75 to 26, to make all splined joints. Calcination of parts at the HDTV unit allows achieving a hardness of 40-55 HRC. The production uses only high-quality billets, either of our own production of the foundry, or special forgings produced by the Starooskolsky Metallurgical Plant. All final products undergo a thorough examination and a quality certificate is issued for it. The plant provides a full range of services for the repair of ECG excavators: dismantling the excavator, ensuring the delivery of parts to the repair shop, repair, followed by the installation of the excavator at the client.

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