City Orsk Ural Mining Equipment Plant

And to the left of the South Ural Plant

In Orsk, on June 23, in connection with the repair work on the gas pipeline, gas supply to the social and cultural life enterprises will be cut off at the following addresses:

From 06:00 to 22: 00: – KF LLC Orskie sweets – KFH LLC Farmer – Orsk bread JSC – IP Sarbaev- IP Davydov- Default LLC IP Khalikova- OJSC “Orsk Pasta Factory” —— OJSC Orsksnab —— IP Mukmenev— CJSC Khleboprodukt DMV —— LLC MotorServis —— IP Fedoseev-— LLC Uralsky Mining Equipment Plant —— LLC Ring “-– IP Skachkov-— LLC Spetsroyrovets-6 plus” -— LLC “Gas Santech Service” -— IP Badalyan-— IP Pismerov

Request for subscribers to shut off cranes in front of gas appliances for the period of work. At the end of work when firing up gas appliances, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules for using gas in the home. When starting heating and water heaters, it is mandatory to check for draft in the chimney.

Phones of duty services: Emergency gas service: 04-Operational duty duty of civil defense and emergency situations of the city: 340-111 and 26-91-91.

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