Common Mineral Deposits


The list of common minerals of the Perm region approved / 71-p.

Deposits of common mineral resources (OPI) are minerals that are mainly used in construction and agriculture.

The territorial balance of stocks of OPI takes into account the reserves of 299 deposits of building materials (including the territory of the Komi-Permyatsky okrug) in the amount of 1,530 million m3.

The percentage of mineral reserves in the percentage ratio is: gravel and sand mixture (20%), building sand (16%), clay (12% – brick and expanded clay), building stone (33% – limestone, rubble, gabbro diabases), gypsum and anhydrite (11%), facing and saw stone (2%), carbonate raw materials for calcination for lime (6%).

Also included are those related to OI, 41 deposits of agricultural fertilizers and 485 deposits of peat.

The quality of the minerals of the studied deposits meets the requirements of the relevant GOSTs.

34% of deposits (excluding peat and agricultural fertilizers) accounted for by the State Balance were transferred for use, their reserves are estimated qualitatively and quantitatively and account for 45% of the total balance of building materials.

The distribution of deposits across the territory is uneven. First of all, deposits are demanded, located in areas with more developed infrastructure, close to transport highways, close to the proposed construction sites.

In 2015, 46 enterprises were producing OPI. The most stable are the following:

Port Perm LLC, Shipping Company LLC (riverbed deposits of gravel and sand mixture and building sand) -Zapaduralnerud LLC, Zagotovka LLC, Vizhaysky stone quarry CJSC (building rubble) -KNAUF GIPS KUNGUR LLC , LLC Prikamskaya Gypsum Company, Ural Resource LLC (building gypsum), Ergach OJSC (building gypsum and anhydrite) – AVISMA OJSC (carbonate rocks for lime calcination) –

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