Darasun Mining Equipment Plant

Darasun Mining Plant
Darasunsky plant of mining equipment held a presentation of its products

On April 6, the Darasunsky mining equipment plant, with the assistance of the regional government, made a real presentation of its innovative products. Representatives of the leading gold mining enterprises of the region were invited to visit.

Each order for the enterprise today is literally worth its weight in gold, because not only the well-being of the team, but the whole village depends on it. Even the heat supply system of Darasun is in the area of ​​responsibility of the mining equipment factory. To cope with all the tasks, the company needs to earn at least 250 million rubles a year. Helping machine builders to find this amount, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Industrial Policy of Transbaikalia now, when issuing quotas to subsoil users, began to prescribe in the license agreement a condition – to place 20% of their orders at the machine-building enterprises of the region. Other steps are being taken as support.

Oleg Polyakov, Acting Minister of Natural Resources and Industrial Policy of the Trans-Baikal Territory: “We are now organizing a meeting between the Governor of the Territory and Defense Minister Shoigu to increase the defense order by 103 BTRZ. He has capacities for this with the involvement of our plants of civil significance. And they will be provided “

Among the potential partners of the plant, of course, are representatives of the gold mining industry of the region. For them, the design department of the enterprise has developed a series of new equipment and a wide range of spare parts for machines already in production.

Viktor Skorkin, head of the technical department of Mining Equipment Plant OJSC: “At the final stage of development, there is a percussion boring machine. We plan for the future for the same structures to develop the VG-250 vibrating screen and plan to develop a scrubber. The novelty is that this equipment in our region, it was not produced at all, and we are going to improve its technical characteristics. “

Of the 38 gold mining companies in the region, representatives of 24 enterprises came to a working meeting in Darasun. Many of them have been cooperating with neighboring regions for many years, today for the first time they learned that the Darasun plant, not inferior to other manufacturers in any way, was ready not only to produce new machines, but also to upgrade old models of equipment, making for it also running components.

Sergey Ostapchuk, Deputy Director for Production of Eastern GRE: “He suggested that we produce the same tapes for derokers – the GGM is ours. We understand that metal is transported to Magadan through all of Russia, these tapes and industrial instruments are made there, and then they are delivered to us by sea. Price increases by a factor. And if they produce with us, we are ready to purchase. 12 hours and we are at the factory. “

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