Deposits of Solid Minerals of Russia

Liquid Minerals

Regulatory documents and instructions.

The Law of the Russian Federation On Subsoil.


Purpose and purpose of work:

Automated accounting of minerals, compilation and preparation for publication of the State balance of mineral reserves.

System Functions:

Formation and maintenance of databases of mineral reserves of Russia-Technological support for the main processes of issuing the State balance of mineral reserves-Prompt provision of information to all state and executive authorities on the status and movement of explored reserves, on the results of geological exploration and technical and economic indicators of mining enterprises, about resource potential of the territories, monitoring of mineral reserves – Preparation of analytical and statistical data x for management decision making, organization and management of common vocabularies-providing articulation data GCM passports and license agreements.

Input information: balances are compiled on the basis of data from state enterprises reporting on the status and annual change of stocks. State reporting on the status and change of mineral reserves and their use is submitted by subsoil users according to the forms of state federal statistical monitoring 5-gr., 70-tp., 71-tp.

Output: The state balance of mineral reserves, unregulated reporting in the form of inquiries on request.

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