Mineral Extraction Tax

Mineral extraction tax
Maxim KalashnikovWho will Russia fall into? Now we can say with confidence: if the US masters keep oil prices at least at the current level for another two or three years, their economic base will turn out under the Kremlin like a shaky stool. It’s time to think about what lies ahead. It is obvious to me that different points of attraction have already been outlined for those fragments of society to which it will fly apart after a socio-economic collapse. All these years, I was blamed for the tragic predictions about. Well, until 2014, oil prices were high. And now, a couple of years were enough after halving these prices so that Russia’s unhealthy, raw-material economy began to collapse. I just saw this danger for a long time.

We already live at the beginning of the collapse of the country. A sign that the authorities are sorely lacking money is how stupidly, frantically, foolishly it is increasing the tax burden on enterprises and citizens, frantically trying to fill holes in the treasury.

It seems that everything is being done to ruin the remnants of the processing and science-intensive industries, as well as to clean the skinny pockets of people whose real incomes are already falling. The actual tax on the overhaul of dwellings, the confiscation of pension savings, swollen property taxes (at the overstated cadastral value of 2014), even the introduction of an idiotic resort tax is already a fact. Reducing export duties on the export of crude oil, the government is thinking about how to increase the mineral extraction tax (MET), income tax, personal income tax (PIT), and VAT. If she does, then the economy will consist of oil and gas companies, retail chains and banks. Everything else will fall. The country will receive millions of poor and unemployed.

The Kremlin already lacks funds for its beloved brainchild – the 20 trillion State arms program and the state program for the development of the military-industrial complex (another 3 trillion) until 2020 (its adoption has been postponed to 2018). Everything goes to the fact that when the Kremlin holds the Confederations Cup and the World Cup, the money will no longer be enough for the army, the police, the FSB and the Russian Guard with the Investigative Committee. For these “megaprojects” of the arch-road are unbearable in principle. And at the end of them they will continue to devour money for the maintenance of the “coliseums” which are not filled in principle. According to official data, the revenues of the federal treasury in the first half of 2016 fell by 11%.

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