Mineral Granite

Marble - common

Minerals are natural formations that a person extracts from the bowels or from the surface of the Earth and uses for various purposes.

The largest group of minerals are metal ores, consisting of metal (iron, copper, zinc, gold, silver, etc.) and various impurities (general view of ore samples). Ores are divided into rich and poor depending on the metal content. For example, brown iron ore is poor iron ore, and magnetic iron ore is rich. The high iron content in magnetic iron ore explains its magnetic properties.

The next group of minerals is combustible minerals. These include peat, lignite and coal, oil and natural gas. Oil is an amazing mineral from which a person makes many useful things, such as gasoline, kerosene, engine oils, plastic, artificial rubber, synthetic fibers, paints, varnishes, medicines, asphalt and much more.

The third group consists of building minerals – granite, marble, limestone, clay, sand, gypsum. Granite is a complex mineral consisting of three minerals – feldspar, quartz and mica. Granite and marble are used in the cladding of buildings, metro stations. Limestone, a shell rock formed from petrified shells of ancient sea mollusks. Slabs carved from limestone-shell rock have a beautiful patterned surface and are also used in the cladding of buildings. Clay and sand are necessary for the manufacture of cement, concrete, brick, and gypsum – to obtain a bonding mixture.

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