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A new asteroid mining company begins operations on Tuesday. Its goal is to help humanity expand its presence in the solar system through the development of rich deposits stored in cosmic blocks.

The new firm is called Deep Space Industries, Inc. Today (January 22), she announced that in 2015 she plans to launch a whole fleet of exploration spacecraft, and in ten years she will begin to collect metal and water from the asteroids closest to Earth. Such work will allow us to build and refuel spaceships far beyond the borders of our planet, which will give humanity the opportunity to gain a foothold at the farthest reaches.

“Using space-harvested resources is the only opportunity to do space exploration on an ongoing basis,” said David Gump, director of Deep Space. At 10am Pacific Time, Deep Space Industries will hold a press conference in Santa Monica, California, which will unveil new details for this bold plan.

“Every year, astronomers discover more than 900 new asteroids flying past Earth,” Gump explained. “They can be what the Minnesota Iron Ridge became in the last century for the Detroit auto industry, a major mineral deposit located near where these minerals were sorely needed.” In this case, metals and fuel from asteroids can lead to the emergence and expansion of space enterprises in this century. This is our strategy. ”

Deep Space is the second company that has decided to engage in mining on asteroids. The first, called Planetary Resources and created with the financial support of a billionaire, was established in April.

Deep Space will explore possible mining sites with FireFlu’s 25 kg spacecraft. The first such ship is scheduled to be launched in 2015.

FireFly will conduct exploration on asteroids with minimal cost. This spacecraft will be made of low-cost components of small artificial Earth satellites, and rockets carrying large communication satellites into orbit will launch it into outer space.

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