Minerals of the Voronezh Region and Their Deposits

The Pavlovsk granite deposit, located 15 km southeast of the city of Pavlovsk, was discovered by a quarry operating since 1976. The mining and processing plant operating during a quarry produces high-quality building materials: crushed stone of various fractions and screening in a total amount of up to 8 million m³ per year.

Minerals sedimentary cover.

Among sediments of the Devonian period, gemstone raw materials are found: crystals of white quartzite, brown sphalerite, and barite.

The Latnensky refractory clay deposit, located 15 km west of Voronezh, has been in operation since 1900. It produces clay for the production of ceramics and refractory products.

Kaolin raw materials are used in the paper and rubber industries. Now most of this resource is imported from Ukraine. The sandy-kaolin mamon stratum in the southeast of the Voronezh region is a source of kaolin clay in which Russia is in short supply. Further development of this field will be able to meet the country’s needs.

The use of bentonite clays in many industries is based on the properties of montmorillonite, which is part of these clays. Since 1998, in the Voronezh region, the Nikolskoye deposit of bentonite clays has been developed.

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