Mining Electromechanical Equipment

Technical operation and

Specialty: 02/13/11 Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment in the mining industry

Qualification: Mining technician — electrician

Objects of professional activity of graduates: – Materials and components. – Technological equipment; Technological processes. – Technological equipment. – Electrical and electromechanical equipment.

Preparation for the types of activities: – Organization of maintenance and repair of electrical and electromechanical equipment. – Maintenance of household machines and equipment. – Maintenance of mining machinery and equipment. – Organization of the production unit.

Performance of work in one or several professions of workers, positions of employees: – Electrician repairing electrical equipment. – Flushing installation operator. – The right to manage mining operations.

The teachers of the cyclic commission of the mining department ensure the student’s competence: – To carry out skills, adjust and verify electrical and electromechanical equipment. – To organize and carry out maintenance and repair of equipment. – To carry out diagnostics and technical control during the operation of electrical and electromechanical equipment. – To prepare reports on technical equipment maintenance and repair. – Participate in the planning of work of production personnel дел Organize the work of the collective of executives. Анализ Analyze the results of the activities of the collective of executives. ывать Organize and carry out work on the operation, maintenance and repair of mining machines. диагност Perform diagnostics and control the technical condition of mining machines.-Predict failures, identify resources, and detect defects in electrical and electromechanical equipment.

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