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Rapid growth in the mining industry, the development of new deposits, new mining technologies are an integral part of modern economic growth in Russia. Naturally, the question arises of completing production with the necessary mining equipment. Among the few companies able to offer almost the entire range of mining machinery, Komatsu is one of the first places.

A wide range of products? Allows Komatsu to fully equip almost any quarry with equipment for stripping and mining operations, as well as construction equipment for auxiliary works. Caterpillar bulldozers, hydraulic excavators, articulated dump trucks and articulated dump trucks, bucket loaders, mobile crushers and screens are far from an exhaustive list of machine types created by Komatsu to ensure maximum productivity.

Reliability is an indisputable advantage of Komatsu technology. This quality is especially important when working in the process chain. Indeed, in the event of a breakdown of one machine, the entire chain rises, a forced downtime arises. The use of Komatsu machines almost guarantees the protection of the user from such situations. This technology is designed for a long period of operation, Komatsu machines have been operating for decades. For many years, the use of technology in difficult Russian conditions best confirms this.

When choosing equipment, it is necessary to take into account the possibilities of its maintenance, repair, warranty conditions and the availability of spare parts. With regard to Komatsu technology, this problem has been solved for a long time – a network of distributors around the world ensures reliable operation of machines, information support for the operating organization, staff training, supply of spare parts and consumables.

High productivity of Komatsu mining equipment is ensured both due to technical and design achievements, and as a synergistic effect of qualified technical support, which ensures a consistently high level of technical readiness. In solving this problem, the manufacturer, distributor and users of equipment join their efforts, choosing the optimal schedule and method of organizing routine maintenance, preventive repairs and other events designed to minimize possible downtime.

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