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Xanthai Yantai Mining Plant LLC is subordinate to the Yantai Mining Corporation of Xinhai. The company was founded in 1993, and it is a large, private company in China with the following services: engineering consulting, experimental research on ore dressing, technical design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning of equipment, employee training and the obligation to timely and high-quality work execution. Our company was the first to provide comprehensive services in China, and so far it is the most advanced company in this area, and has already completed more than 400 general contracts.

Our company employs many specialists on both sides of engineering and ore dressing, they try to make the methods of mining and ore dressing more rational and efficient. Innovations are very much appreciated in our company, and we have almost a hundred patents, and thanks to equipment with excellent properties (like Xinghai wear-resistant rubber, Self-grinding mill, Erlift flotation machine in cross section), our mining operations become easier and more successful.

In addition to the operations management department, the company has a mining academy, a mining enterprise design academy, a mechanical academy, a wear-resistant rubber academy, an automatic control academy, three manufacturing plants and an experimental base. At present, it is the most advanced company that can offer comprehensive services in this area.

Our company has high productivity – it has 152 processing devices, other types of equipment for welding and cutting, and component equipment for ore dressing and smelting. The product range is more than 600. The company also has a production line of wear-resistant rubber, which is very popular in the country and abroad.

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