Mining Processing


Russia is one of the countries richest in minerals and therefore mining and processing of minerals is of great importance for our economy. In the coming decades, demand for minerals will remain quite high. Therefore, in these sectors, the need for highly qualified personnel will continue. At the current stage of development, several factors play a key role: Firstly, traditional oil, gas and other resources are depleted, and mining companies are forced to move to increasingly complex fields, as well as new types of resources – for example, oil sands, shale gas, and shelf and deep water deposits. Deep-sea ocean mining will be relevant not only for oil and gas, but also for industrial mining of ferromanganese ores and other metals. Secondly, there are increasing requirements for environmental friendliness of mining, environmental protection during transportation of minerals and closure of deposits. An example of a promising environmentally friendly technology that is already in use is the collection of methane emitted during mining in a pipeline so that gas is no longer emitted into the atmosphere. Biotechnological solutions also come into the industry – for example, cleaning rocks using bacteria. Another important trend is the desire to reduce energy costs for production and the economical use of resources. For example, coal mine methane contained in coal seams and surrounding rocks can be liquefied and used as fuel. First of all, this technology is useful for internal needs in production – for example, for refueling dump trucks and lighting structures, and it is especially relevant in climatically complex development areas where shift or unmanned work methods are used. Thirdly, the mobility of personnel in this industry will grow – now fewer specialists are ready to move after production. Therefore, more and more uninhabited technologies will be introduced, and employees will begin to work remotely in virtual teams and telemetry systems. In some cases, production will develop with a minimum number of people and a large number of technologies to compensate for their absence (for example, remote medicine). Only shift workers will work at such facilities. Mining and processing of minerals is one of the high-risk industries, therefore, technologies are being actively developed that ensure the safety of production for people.

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