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Still think that domestic software developments are not competitive in the world market and do not deserve attention? Then they are ready to convince you of the opposite. Back in the early 90s of the last century, in just eight months of painstaking work, the first step was taken in the development of one of the largest geographic information systems -.

This development was a startup with an uncertain future, which could lead to overwhelming success or complete collapse. In the beginning, everything rested only on the enthusiasm and the huge desire of the miners and programmers to create a product that could automate the calculations performed for mining. And this idea was successful, since soon the project was shown interest from the Ingulets GOK.

Subsequently, this was the impetus for the further development of K-MINE and the creation of new modules, among which innovative developments for geologists, mine surveyors, mining engineers, controllers, etc.

Modern solutions

More than 20 years of the history of the company founded in 1994 tells about how to succeed in the IT market, having become one of the leading national manufacturers of software for the mining industry, as well as the leader of domestic system IT integration. After several years of its existence, in 1998, the company took a step in creating and developing one of its largest projects – the geographic information system K-MINE.

The implementation of the system gives specialists the opportunity to use the most modern achievements in the world of information technology and information processing in their professional activities. Complexity, reasonableness, completeness of information solutions, the ability to turn abstract technologies into real opportunities – this is the face of a modern software and information platform.

What is K-MINE GIS?

The geographic information system is a graphical platform integrated with various computer modules for solving problems in the field of geodesy, cartography, geology, mine surveying, for planning and designing mining operations, infrastructure management, cadastral tasks, organizing the work of dispatch services and much more.

An innovative software product helps to effectively organize the teamwork of specialists of various enterprise services in a single environment and data formats.

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