New Mining Equipment

Fig. 3.11

The magazine’s objective is to provide scientific, production and analytical information to coal and mining engineering enterprises, mining enterprises, research and design organizations and educational institutions of the relevant profile on the design, construction, production and operation of the entire range of machines used in mining, as well as issues of automation of mining machines and automation of technological processes in mining enterprises.

Main directions

Overview and analytical information on the state of technical equipment of mining enterprises and the development of mining engineering

Reference materials on the manufacturers of mining equipment and their products

Theoretical and practical problems of mining engineering: – Design and construction of mining machinery – Materials and technologies in mining engineering

Theoretical and practical problems of mining electromechanics, electrical engineering and automation

Education issues in the field of mining machinery, electromechanics and automation

Foreign information.

We inform you that the journal is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of science, for the degree of doctor of science in the field of science should be published 25.00.00 – Earth science and groups of specialties of scientists: 05.02. 00 – engineering and mechanical engineering – 05.05.00 – transport, mining and construction engineering – 05.09.00 – electrical engineering – 05.13.00 – computer science, computer engineering and management.

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