Russian Mineral Deposits

Major oil pools

A distinctive feature of the mineral resource base of Russia is its complexity, which includes almost all types of minerals: fuel and energy resources (oil, natural gas, coal, uranium) – ferrous metals (iron, manganese, chromium ores) – non-ferrous and rare metals (copper, lead, zinc, nickel, aluminum raw materials, tin, tungsten, molybdenum, antimony, mercury, titanium, zirconium, niobium, tantalum, yttrium, rhenium, scandium, strontium, etc.) – precious metals and diamonds (gold, silver , platinoids) – non-metallic minerals (apa tites, phosphorites, potash and common salt, fluorspar, muscovite mica, talc, magnesium, graphite, barite, piezoelectric raw materials, precious and ornamental stones, etc.). Russia has large reserves of diamonds (Yakutia), apatites (Kola Peninsula), rock salts (Volga region, Ural), rock and table salts (Ural, Volga region), graphite (Ural, Siberia), and various building materials.

Iron ores are confined to the crystalline basement of ancient platforms. Iron ore reserves are large in the area of ​​the Kursk magnetic anomaly, where the platform foundation is high raised and covered by a relatively small sedimentary cover. This allows you to mine ore in quarries. A variety of ores are confined to the Baltic Shield – iron, copper-nickel, apatite-nepheline (used for the production of aluminum and fertilizers) and many others. In the cover of the ancient platform on the East European Plain, there are various minerals of sedimentary origin. Coal is mined in the Pechora basin. Between the Volga and the Urals, in Bashkiria and Tataria, there are significant reserves of oil and gas. Large deposits of gas are developed in the lower Volga. In the north of the Caspian lowland, near the lakes of Elton and Baskunchak, rock (table) salt is mined. In many areas of the East European Plain – on the Central, Volga, Volyn-Podolsk Upland quarried limestone, glass and mortar sand, chalk, gypsum and other mineral resursy.MestorozhdenieStranaGod otkrytiyaNachalnye recoverable reserves, m3Mesto billion of deposits in the world ranking gazaUrengoyskoeRossiya196610200Yamburgskoe19695242Bovanenkovskoe19714385Zapolyarnoe19653532Shtokmanovskoe19882762Arkticheskoe1968Astrahanskoe19732711Medvezhe1967227012Orenburgskoe189814Harasaveyskoe1974126021Yuzhno-Tambeyskoe1982100622

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