Underground Mineral Resource Profession


The Department of Underground mining of mineral deposits was created on March 29, 2000 by the decision of the Academic Council of Yakutsk State University named after M.K. Ammosov No. 6 and the order on YaGU No. 146-OD of May 19, 2000. as a result of the division of the department “Technologies and complex mechanization of mining”. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Petrov Andrey Nikolaevich was elected as the head of the department. Specialty 130404.65 “Underground mining of mineral deposits” was opened in 1956 as part of the Engineering and Technical Department of Yakutsk State University. In 2008, the opening of a new specialty – 130406.65 “Mine and underground construction ”is due to the increased need for specialists in mine construction in connection with the construction of large underground mines of AK ALROSA, coal mines in South Yakutia, as well as the prospect of construction in North- RF ostoke new mines for extraction of ores of precious, rare, non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

The department conducts training in the following specialties: – 130404.65 “Underground mining of mineral deposits”, the form of study is extramural – 130400.65 (21, 05.04) “Mining”, specialization is “Underground mining of the ore deposits”, the form of training is full-time, extramural – 130400.65 (05.21.04) “Mining”, specialization: “Mine and underground construction”, full-time education.

The main disciplines taught by the department are: • Fundamentals of mining. • Physics of rocks and processes. • Geomechanics. • Processes of underground mining of ore deposits. • Technology and complex mechanization of underground mining of ore deposits. • Design of mining enterprises. • Aerology of mining enterprises.

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