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Salary: $ 350

Despite the fact that we are always worried about salaries, we rarely talk about them and do not let others know exactly how much we earn. For this reason, it is rather difficult to give a certain estimate of wages. The appraisal of the salaries of workers and specialists in the mining industry is handled by a division of the well-known Infomine resource – CostMine.

Cost Mine annually collects information on salaries, salaries, bonuses, etc. in the mining industry in the United States, Canada and other parts of the world. Data is collected through a survey of representatives from the human resources department of operating mining companies. This material includes information obtained through such a survey, as well as some other sources.

US Mining Salaries 2011

The average wages of ordinary workers in the USA per hour (in US dollars) are presented. The first figure is the salary of workers in small open mines, and the second is the salary of employees of large facilities (more than 100 personnel).


Salary, USD per hour


22, 63

25, 45


20, 92

23, 62

Heavy equipment operator

18, 96

22, 37

Drilling master

14, 99

23, 38

Truck driver

15, 09

20, 53


15, 74

18, 22

Representatives of the same professions working in underground mining receive a little more. For example, an underground miner in a small facility receives an average of $ 21, 59, and in a large one – $ 22, 57 per hour. Moreover, the range of boundary values ​​is quite large: from $ 14, 91 to $ 37, 30.

Despite the fact that the information dates from 2011, the data are quite correlated with current values, since in 2012 there was only a slight increase in wages. In deposits of precious metals, it increased by 2, 4%, in copper mines also by 2, 4%, and in other objects by 1, 7%.

Canadian Mining Specialist Salaries – 2012

The data obtained from 56 mines for the extraction of metals, industrial minerals and fossil fuels (2/3 of the open type) relate to technical personnel, specialists, managers and administrators.

To begin with, salaries in mines located in western Canada are slightly higher than in eastern. The difference is due to different cost of living, the presence of more productive mines in western Canada, etc. So, for example, in the eastern states of Canada, the secretary’s salary at the facility varies from $ 40,200 to $ 56,000 (an average of $ 50,800 per year). In the west – from $ 47100 to $ 63,400 (on average – $ 59,100 per year).

Annual salaries of engineers and geologists at Canadian mines (in Canadian dollars per year):




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