Hydro-Mineral Industry


Ivan Artemenko, General Director of LLC “Labinsky Oil Extraction PlantV”, deputy of ZKK, honored worker of the food industry of the Russian Federation, doctor of technical sciences:

– The diversified economy of the region gives a powerful potential for its development; each of them has significant prospects. Of course, the first among the priority areas is the agro-industrial complex. Its development to a large extent plays a role for another whale of the Kuban economy – the spa industry. And literally at the junction of these two areas is growing agricultural tourism. I consider it a very promising direction – this was also shown by the exhibitions of rural tourism objects held last and this year. That is, the first sprouts in this direction already exist, and even more so in our agricultural land, we must support and develop them in every way.

As for the sanatorium-resort direction, here, in my opinion, the Azov coast is very promising. These are not only favorable climatic conditions, wide sandy beaches, warm sea, developed transport infrastructure, but also hydromineral resources, which contributes to the health specialization of the Azov coast.

And, of course, to achieve sustainable economic growth, constant investment work is needed – and this is also stimulating legislation, which we still have to work on improving. This and a number of measures to overcome administrative barriers to the implementation of investment programs and projects, which will also increase the investment attractiveness of the region.

And, of course, the implementation of large-scale projects on the territory of the region promises great prospects, first of all – the construction of the Kerch bridge and the corresponding development of Taman’s infrastructure.

Spheres such as construction, agribusiness – the locomotives of our economy – also need constant attention. A priority area today is the development of industrial sectors in the region – such as machine tools, metal processing, heavy and light industries. The same equipment for processing and packaging of the food industry: all this we must produce ourselves, and not buy abroad. There is an example of such enterprises in the region, among them – a couple of years ago, an updated factory for the production of plastic containers for bottling food products in the Korenovsky district, but there should be more.

Irina Karavaeva, Olympic champion, chairman of the Olympic Council of the Krasnodar Territory, member of the public chamber of the Krasnodar Territory.

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