Industrial Gas Stove

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Industrial stove – an indispensable assistant in the professional kitchen

A fragrant dish cooked efficiently and quickly is an indisputable proof of the cook’s skill. However, in many respects the “final result” depends on the equipment with which the cook has to work. To ensure an established production process at catering enterprises, high-performance and economical thermal units are usually used, which ensure the production of various products and occupy a minimum of space. Universal devices are profitable and convenient – and this is obvious. The modern market of professional kitchen equipment offers many affordable, reliable and practical appliances, among which professional stoves that do not lose their relevance.

Industrial stoves are the most common type of universal thermal units. Relate to equipment with direct heating. On their working surface (as well as in ovens, if provided by the design), practically all technological operations for the heat treatment of food products can be carried out.

Features of equipment design

The main structural element of the stove is the burner. The working surface can “accommodate” a different number of burners, usually from one to six, round, rectangular or square. The vast majority of them are intended for cooking, frying and stewing foods in cookware, but there are also those that allow you to cook food directly on a hot surface.

In gas stoves, burners are usually cast iron. Electric stoves for restaurants are equipped with either cast-iron burners of various sizes and shapes, or a continuous heating glass-ceramic surface. Induction cookers are characterized by a smooth, even surface without burners.

The place and method of installation of the unit is determined by a specific model: desktops are placed on a table or a special stand, stationary floor-mounted in a special place reserved for them. There are also models on wheels – for the convenience of moving equipment in non-standard conditions.

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