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Advanced technologies are most often created for the space industry or at the interface with it. Subsequently, many of them gain a “second life”, becoming an integral part of life on earth. How this happens and why some products of space technology are literally reborn on Earth, understood.

Among many people who are barely versed in space issues, there is an opinion that manned space exploration is an industry that is exclusively aimed at the country’s prestige and is rather useless from a practical point of view. After all, after the astronauts landed on the moon, mankind did not advance beyond the ISS, and in the meantime, unmanned aerial vehicles reached Pluto. But this is not so at all: it is for space that the most modern technologies are created, which, after testing and some changes, fall on Earth, where they become a mass product.

Almost everyone on the smartphone has map services. At the same time, few think about how these cards appeared and why they are so accurate. There is an explanation for this, it is quite simple: it was possible to achieve such accuracy at such an enormous scale thanks to the spacecraft that have been conducting remote sensing of the Earth for many years.

Since monitoring from space is carried out on an ongoing basis, thanks to satellite technologies it is possible, for example, to prevent natural disasters and assess the damage from them. In particular, floods and forest fires. In the case of the latter, especially when they take place in remote areas, fresh satellite imagery is especially relevant, because they show the scale of the fires and the direction of spread of the fire. Together with meteorological forecasts, such information allows you to quickly develop a strategy to combat fires.

Among other things, remote sensing of the Earth allows monitoring of agricultural, environmental and construction nature, including the identification of legislative violations.

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