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“In order to gain access to mine explosives, a teenager just needs to get such a digging. The explosives are illegal there, no one forces them to report.

And accounting in legal mines is very conditional – even before the war it was like that, not to mention the current situation. Explosives before descending into the mine were given a certain amount of ammonal, for example, 10 pieces. Having come down, they do not use everything, but only a certain amount, which is needed at the moment. The rest according to the instructions should be poured into a ditch with water that flows in the workings. Ammonal is a powdery substance and readily soluble in water. Explosives told me that if there was a desire to grab a couple of checkers in order to suppress the fish, it was not difficult to take out it, they did not search anyone at the exit. In the report, he wrote that he took 10 pieces, 8 used, poured the rest into a ditch. It’s all.

In addition, there is another, more complicated way to get ammonal. The fact is that after an explosion in a mine, it often detonates not completely, and then unexploded bombs, along with the rock, are transported to heaps. If you wander around fresh heaps and catch up to the rain – you can find quite suitable pieces. This is often traded teenagers, then to have fun.

If you live in a mining village or there are miners among friends / relatives, you can always get an ammonal if you wish. You’ll understand who to turn to or where to go for him. “

The main feature of creacles is their ability to understand everything without knowing anything. Holy confidence in one’s own genius, if one does not explain the reason, then at least hang the “mivins” on the ears of a gullible plebs. To lie, so to speak, is nothing more sumptuous, reflective.

Here is the most significant case. I will not explain the procedure for drilling and blasting, accounting for explosives in mining enterprises. Passers probably laugh. Ammonal deposits in rock on heaps? No, really – does this imagine himself a journalist?

But this is a specificity. Outside of it, it is clear to every sane person that a minor teenager is completely not enough, I quote: “In order to gain access to mine explosives, a teenager needs to get such a digging. The explosives are illegal there, no one forces to report.”

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