Mining Industry of Donbass

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The coal industry of Donbass comes to life. After official Kiev stopped buying products from Donetsk, regional enterprises stopped due to overcrowded storage facilities. Now the mines are reoriented to the local market. After a long period of inactivity, most of them are again actively mining. Even when the artillery cannonade is booming on the surface, the echo of war does not penetrate underground mining.

Vladislav Mikhailov, electrician: “In general, nothing is heard. Here, as a kilometer, it is still depth. Absolutely nothing. We both mined coal and mine. ”

This, however, does not mean that nothing has changed at all. The Shcheglovskaya-Glubokaya mine was fired four times from multiple rocket launchers.

Ivan Tymoshenko, team leader: “They went out, there are no glasses, it pummeled. Such is the situation. But people still need to work, feed their families, they need to live anyway. Whatever events occur, we need to get out of this situation. ”

The entire mining industry of the region fell into a rather difficult situation. After all, it is not enough to get coal, it also needs to be sold, and the old economic ties, like many communications in mines, have been destroyed by the war.

When you find yourself in the heart of the coal industry of Donbass, one gets the impression that he went down to the underworld. Very noisy, stuffy and unbearably hot. Ukraine has not paid for the hard and dangerous work of miners for several months. Mines, like all other industrial enterprises in the region, are also in economic blockade, which official Kiev declared to Donbass.

Vitaly Prikhodko, electrician: “They began to receive less materials. We save everything. Do it yourself. ”

From the autumn, the Ukrainian side did not pay for the delivered coal, then it stopped sending wagons back, and now it doesn’t even send small spare parts for equipment ordered in advance.

Yuri Popovkin, director of the mine department: “The road is a spoon for dinner. If parts are needed today, we must either stop or work on an accident. You are not going to drive a flat tire? And we are going. “

Most of the Donetsk mines ?? state, only now, since relations with Ukraine cannot be established, they were forced to register in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. It’s more convenient and profitable.

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